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         "Best Indie Memoirs of 2017" - Kirkus Reviews

“Fletcher’s book is a chronicle of all the quiet miracles that make a life….”
Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

Presentimiento is a book to read slowly and reread for the richness of its imagery, the complexity of its portraits, its evocative power, and its affirmation of the presence of the past.”
Southwestern American Literature

“A loving and moving portrait about what sustains us…”
NBC News Latino

Presentimiento is written so masterfully that it leaves the reader pleasantly dizzy and wanting more.”

Presentimiento: A Life in Dreams offers the reader elegant prose and enchanting imagery on every page, revealing to us a grace-filled world where miracles are as real as sage sparrows and mysteries reside behind every rock and piñon tree. Harrison Candelaria Fletcher’s exquisite memoir is filled with unforgettable family portraits and the taste, texture, and rich aroma of his New Mexico childhood, in a landscape filled with living spirits.”
Dinty W. Moore, author of Between Panic and Desire

“We are all shaped by the places we live,” Harrison Candelaria Fletcher writes. “What we inherit is not ours to decide.” In Presentimento, Fletcher sets out to examine his unintentional inheritance through a series of finely-tuned vignettes. Much like the `memory boxes’ of his mother, Fletcher’s memoir collects an eclectic assortment of objects, people, and sacred places we are allowed to examine one at a time, sighing with pleasure all the while.”
Brenda Miller, author of Listening Against the Stone

Presentimento looks at memory as artifact, as reliquary. It explores the presentiment, the feelings and echoes that surround events. It rescues the stories of the mother who wanders the New Mexican land to bear witness again to nature and to family dreams. Through the events, relics and memory of his mother’s life, we begin to inhabit a larger cultural myth and fabric. The memories are layered and juxtaposed to form a presentiment, a chronicle of knowing and intuition that informs our lives.”
Re’Lynn Hansen, author of To Some Women I Have Known

“Harrison Candelaria Fletcher's linked images and stories are illuminated blossoms and entering this radiant work is like reading the light.”
Barrie Jean Borich, author of Body Geographic